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You won’t get to zero waste in one giant leap. You and your team are about to embark on a learning journey that will require you to up-level your knowledge and skills along with your technology.

The Digital Academy puts a rich library of resources at your fingertips:

online courses, toolkits, and more...

Encourage your whole team to take advantage of these learning opportunities so you can
build company capacity for planning, managing, and monitoring digital initiatives.

Here are some of the available topics:

Soft Skills

Soft skills are the essence of business growth. They are the key to building strong relationships internally & externally. Invest some time in developing your soft skills learn how it can become an ongoing part of your growth strategy.

Virtual Workplace

The definition of the Workplace has changed a lot in recent years. Technology has made the virtual workplace a reality. Learn out how to properly manage a virtual setting while continuing to bring value to your team & clients.


Mastering efficiency is vital to the sustainability of businesses especially with the disruptions that companies are facing today. Learn how to measure & manage your processes in order to be more efficient.


Leaders need to look into defining the culture of their companies. A well defined culture is of vital importance to a virtual workplace. Take the time to define and prioritize your culture through our available courses.

Invest in your business by
developping your skills and
gain new knowledge

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